How to Set Up an Efficient Holiday Rental Booking Calendar

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In the thriving industry of holiday rentals, a streamlined and efficient booking system is the cornerstone of success. Gone are the days of manual tracking; usher in the era of the digital holiday rental booking calendar. Let’s dive deep into its importance and how to set it up.

How to Set Up an Efficient Holiday Rental Booking Calendar

Understanding the Holiday Rental Booking Calendar

An efficient holiday rental booking calendar, like an Availability Calendar, offers an independent platform that not only shows your property's availability but can also sync bookings from various platforms like Airbnb. It's essentially your assistant, ensuring that you don't overbook, undercharge, or miss out on potential renters.

Key Features Your Booking Calendar Should Have:

  1. Display of Availability & Tariffs: Your calendar should at a glance show the availability of your property and the applicable rates.
  2. Tariff Management: Easy update and display of prices as the season or demand changes.
  3. Booking Management: Keep tabs on your bookings, contact details, payment records, and more.
  4. Multiple Property Management: If you have more than one property, your calendar should be able to handle and display multiple property availabilities simultaneously.

Step-by-step Guide to Set Up Your Holiday Rental Booking Calendar:

Step 1: Choose a Reliable Calendar Service: Platforms like OskarOS and Availability Calendar offer robust features that cater specifically to holiday rental owners. Sign up here and dive into our FREE accountl to get a hang of the platform.

How to Set Up an Efficient Holiday Rental Booking Calendar

Step 2: Input Property Details: After signing up, enter all the necessary details about your property. This includes the location, size, amenities, and any other features that would appeal to potential renters.

How to Set Up an Efficient Holiday Rental Booking Calendar

Step 3: Set Your Tariffs: Using the tariff management feature, input your pricing strategy. Remember, this can be dynamic, adjusting to seasonality, special holidays, or local events.

How to Set Up an Efficient Holiday Rental Booking Calendar

Step 4: Customize and Embed: Customize your calendar to match the aesthetic of your website or platform. Once done, embed it into your site, ensuring it's easily accessible for potential renters.

How to Set Up an Efficient Holiday Rental Booking Calendar

Step 5: Regularly Review and Update: The market changes, and so should your strategies. Regularly review your tariffs, property details, and other features to ensure you remain competitive.


A holiday rental booking calendar is the backbone of a successful vacation rental business. It streamlines your operations, reduces the risk of errors, and offers a seamless experience for your guests. With tools like OskarOS and Availability Calendar, setting up and managing your booking system has never been easier.

Join the future, and let technology elevate your holiday rental business to new heights!

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