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From managing space reservations, coordinating courses and stays, to organizing tours and events, facilitating consultations, handling equipment rentals, and streamlining service bookings – OskarOS simplifies it all.

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OskarOS online booking software lets you effortlessly manage resources, staff, customers, and bookings, all from a single, easy-to-use control center. With a few simple clicks, you can deliver a top-notch service.
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Delight your clients with effortless booking anywhere, anytime: OskarOS features a customizable booking page, perfectly adaptable to meet your unique business needs with user-friendly elegance.

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Step 1: Resources

Make anything bookable: personal calendars, rooms, services, events, courses. Easily add and customize them with our resource wizard.

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Step 2: Booking options

Booking options are the configurations that determine how your resources can be booked.

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Step 3: Checkout

In the last step, clients can review their choices, add personal info, and finalize by clicking ‘Book now’.

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Frequently asked questions

Our goal is to make OskarOS as simple, flexible and performant as possible. Should you have remaining questions, check out also our documentation or contact us.

What is OskarOS and who is it for?
OskarOS is your all-in-one online booking solution. It's perfect for anyone – from freelancers and small businesses to departments in larger organizations – who wants to make scheduling and booking hassle-free.
What can OskarOS be used for?

Use OskarOS for everything related to bookings and resource management. It makes booking easy for your clients and helps you handle orders, customer interactions, and payments effortlessly.

Try us out for free now.

Which industries is OskarOS tailored for?

OskarOS is versatile and adjusts seamlessly to many applications in various industries including, but not limited to coworking, education, rentals, healthcare, consulting, coaching, hair, nail and other beauty services, spas, fitness centers, and government agencies..

Why should I choose OskarOS over other scheduling tools?

Choose OskarOS for ease of use and ability to grow with your needs. We understand what it takes to run services smoothly, and we've built OskarOS to meet those needs. Read our founder’s story here.

How does OskarOS's online booking software differ from traditional calendar scheduling tools like Calendly?
OskarOS is not just for scheduling appointments. It's an all-in-one solution that lets you easily manage all your resources, bookings, payments, and more, all with user-friendly control and customizable settings.
Can I use OskarOS to schedule recurring events like courses and classes?
Yes, our new 'Booking series' feature makes scheduling classes and courses easy. It's perfect for regular events, offering simple sign-ups and flexible management. Read more here.
Is OskarOS suitable for organizing events too?
For sure! OskarOS can handle events of any duration, from short meetings to multi-day fairs, and even non-consecutive events. It also automatically creates a guest list for easy attendee tracking.
Can OskarOS handle payments for my services?
Definitely! We’ve just integrated the basics for payment handling with order management and currently support in-store payments, there’s an online payment solution coming shortly.
Is a website mandatory for OskarOS use?
No, a website is not mandatory for using OskarOS. You can share the link to your booking page across various platforms, including social media, and also embed it soon on your website if you have one.
How much is OskarOS and can I try it for free?
Start for free with basic features for up to 3 resources and services, plus 100 bookings a month. For advanced features, we offer cost-effective monthly or yearly plans, with a small fee per resource. See our pricing here.

OskarOS booking system:
More bookings, less headaches.

Online booking systems have become increasingly popular in a variety of industries and use cases, but still many businesses, especially small and medium sized ones, struggle to implement them. That's why we at OskarOS are on a mission to make appointment scheduling as simple as possible for you.

Whether you are looking to manage
childcare reservations, book a campsite, schedule desks  at a coworking space, plan a tour, rent furniture and staging equipment, manage fitness class bookings, reserve office spaces, schedule yoga practices, book time at a photo studio, schedule personal training sessions, book a venue, manage beauty bookings, run abarber shop, plan training sessions, schedule medical appointments, or managedriving school scheduling, a reservation tool can help streamline your operations and improve customer experience.

The applications are countless and we are here to help you tailor yourreservation tool exactly as you need it. Get started today!