What is OskarOS and how does it work?

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What is OskarOS?

Worldwide businesses from a spectrum of industries—ranging from education and beauty to healthcare, tourism and public services—are discovering the power of OskarOS.

Our comprehensive platform transforms how businesses manage their service bookings and operations, bringing efficiency and elegance to every transaction and interaction.

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, working in a small or medium size company or as part of a vast enterprise, OskarOS is engineered to elevate your booking and service management capabilities.

What is OskarOS?

OskarOS isn’t just another online booking software; it’s a robust, full-service platform designed to empower any organization to efficiently start, manage, and expand their resource and service bookings.

What is OskarOS and how does it work?

Using a customizable online booking page, OskarOS simplifies the marketing to customers, which integrates smoothly into our platform for managing bookings. Both online payments and at physical locations are supported.

OskarOS serves as your operations command center, enhancing your control over all activities and ensuring that you remain connected and in control, wherever you are.

How does OskarOS work?

Imagine all your client, staff and resource management needs consolidated into one intuitive platform. OskarOS synchronizes booking creation, payment processing with the management of clients, staff and resources into a seamless workflow.

Whether your operations are online or offline, OskarOS ensures integration across all channels without hitches. Our cloud-based software gives you the flexibility to manage your business from anywhere, transforming operational complexity into simplicity.

Designed with utmost flexibility, OskarOS adapts to any business structure, enabling seamless management of various operational tasks like overseeing staff and tracking inventory.

Smaller businesses often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to implementing technical solutions, lacking both the technical expertise and the resources necessary to deploy complex systems that are also cost-intensive.

Conversely, larger organizations frequently grapple with the agility needed for swift implementation across their various departments. OskarOS addresses these challenges head-on by offering a booking solution that is not only simple and straightforward to implement but also highly customizable.

With OskarOS, businesses of any size can have a fully functional, tailor-made booking system up and running in just a few hours, significantly reducing the time and technical barrier to get started.

Who needs OskarOS?

OskarOS is the go-to booking solution for a diverse range of industries seeking to streamline their operations and enhance client interactions. From tour operators and educators to spa and massage salons and machinery and tool rental, our platform delivers tailored booking experiences that drive efficiency and satisfaction across various sectors.

  • Tour bookings: Amp up your adventure game with a booking system that's all about making life easy for explorers. Whether it’s managing day trips or multi-stop tours, our platform lets guests snap up spots on their dream journeys in just a few clicks, keeping the adventure vibes going strong from start to finish.
  • Education & training: Power up your school or college with slick tools that make organizing classes, tutoring, and full course schedules a breeze. Boost the vibe between students and teachers with easy bookings for labs, lecture halls and essential gear.
  • Beauty & wellness: Give your salon or wellness center the chill, spa-like vibes it deserves. Let clients book appointments, pick their pampering services, or choose their favorite pros with zero hassle.
  • Fitness & sports: Turn your gym or sports facility into a booking champ. Manage session bookings, keep track of memberships, and sort out equipment rentals for both solo workouts and group classes.
  • Workspace & facilities management: Make office life smoother with smart booking systems for desks, meeting rooms and coworking spaces. Boost space use and keep your team happy and productive.
  • Hospitality & leisure: Kit out your small hotel, campsite, or surf camp or travel biz with the coolest tools to pump up guest experiences, handle the busy seasons like a pro, and keep everything running smoothly from check-in to check-out.
  • Healthcare & medical: Keep your clinic or hospital on point with easy scheduling tools for patients, seamless management of docs and health pros for top-notch healthcare.
  • Equipment rental: Boost your rental operations with OskarOS, making it effortless to handle inventory and reservations. Whether it's sports equipment, heavy machinery or furniture for staging, our platform lets customers book exactly what they need quickly and hassle-free. Keep your service efficient and your customers satisfied every step of the way.

What’s included with OskarOS?

At OskarOS, we understand that your business is more than just bookings—it’s about creating experiences, enhancing services, and building connections. That’s why our platform goes beyond basic functionalities to help you innovate and scale.

With OskarOS, you gain a partner that supports your growth at every stage, from startup hustles to enterprise expansions. Dive into the future of service management with OskarOS and transform how you connect with your customers—smarter, faster, and with more style. Let’s redefine service management together. Embrace the OskarOS way and make every interaction count.

Layer 1: Essential booking toolkit

Empower your organization with ultra-responsive tools

  • Customizable booking page: Craft a booking page that isn’t just functional; it’s a gateway to your brand's world. Its designs makes interactions delightful, ensuring that every client touchpoint is an extension of your digital presence and enhances customer experience.
  • Instant setup & agile scheduling: Launch resources and services swiftly and manage them with unmatched precision. OskarOS isn’t just about keeping your calendar full; it's about creating seamless experiences that keep clients coming back.
  • Unified global calendar: Easily manage all your resources with the OskarOS Global Calendar. This tool brings everything together in one place, making it simple to oversee your entire operation. Whether you’re across multiple locations or handling various services, the Global Calendar ensures everything runs smoothly, helping you avoid overbooking and keep your schedule on track.
What is OskarOS and how does it work?
  • Proactive management tools: Automate your day-to-day with smart alerts for bookings, updates, and cancellations. Embed online events directly into your booking process, enhancing participation and making every event an opportunity to connect and engage.
  • Round-the-clock booking: Activate your business 24/7 with features that ensure you're always available, maximizing your reach and revenue effortlessly. It's about making your services accessible whenever your clients need them.
  • Comprehensive customer management: Go beyond transactional interactions with a robust customer management system embedded within your booking toolkit. Track client preferences, history, and feedback to enhance service personalization. Enable your team to access customer insights that help build stronger relationships and drive customer loyalty.

Layer 2: Optimize operations with advanced features

Empower your business with scalable, high-performance features

  • Tailored booking options with add-ons: Elevate each customer interaction by customizing their booking experience. Whether it's integrating meal plans at a wellness retreat or providing gear for adventure tours, OskarOS allows for detailed personalization at every booking step. Enhance offerings with add-ons and extras, making every appointment fit the client’s specific needs.
  • Detailed booking management: Take command of your booking environment with powerful tools designed for precision. Manage high season demands, apply specific booking limits for frequent clients, and adjust resource availability with just a few clicks. OskarOS ensures that your business adapts in real-time to both client demands and operational needs, maintaining a balance that promotes efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Intelligent scheduling solutions: Utilize the smart scheduling capabilities of OskarOS to maximize your resource use and minimize downtime. This feature automatically adjusts your booking slots to fit more appointments intelligently and reducing periods of low activity. It’s about working smarter, not harder, ensuring that every resource is utilized to its fullest potential.
  • Dynamic resource allocation: Implement flexible control over how resources are booked and utilized. This function allows you to categorize resources for specific services, ensuring they are available exactly when and where needed, enhancing the overall workflow and client experience.

Event layer: Master event and class management

Create memorable experiences and classes with full-scale event integration

  • Comprehensive event management: Whether you’re hosting a seminar or a series of classes, manage it all with OskarOS’s sophisticated tools. Focus on delivering impactful experiences while we handle the complexities of event logistics.
  • Efficient participant tracking: Monitor attendance and engagement seamlessly, making your events smarter and more interactive. OskarOS doesn’t just help you manage events; it helps you understand them.

Top 5 reasons why OskarOS is your perfect choice

  1. A tailored solutions that grows with you: OskarOS actively listens and responds to your feedback, ensuring the platform continually evolves to align with your business's changing needs. You benefit from a service management system that is always up-to-date with the latest demands and trends in your industry, giving you a competitive edge.
  2. Flexibility to match your unique business model: With OskarOS, the power to customize is in your hands. No matter the size or scope of your operations, our platform molds to fit your specific business processes, not the other way around. This means you can optimize workflows and increase efficiency without compromising on how you prefer to run your business.
  3. Simplified operations for better focus: OskarOS takes the complexity out of day-to-day operations, allowing you to concentrate more on growth and less on management. Enjoy the simplicity of an intuitive system that makes daily tasks manageable and frees up your time to focus on enhancing customer relationships and expanding your business.
  4. Reliability and speed with cutting-edge technology: Harness the power of advanced technology with OskarOS. Our platform is built on a secure, robust, and fast infrastructure that ensures your business operates smoothly. You get a reliable tool that supports all your critical activities, providing peace of mind and the ability to quickly adapt to new technological advancements.
  5. Support that understands and empowers your business: Choosing OskarOS means gaining a partnership that values your success. Our dedicated support goes beyond troubleshooting; we provide insights and advice tailored to your business's unique challenges and opportunities. This level of personalized support helps you navigate any hurdles and capitalize on potential growth avenues with greater assurance.

OskarOS pricing and plans

OskarOS offers a variety of plans tailored to meet the needs of any business, from solo entrepreneurs to small and medium sized organization. Each plan is designed to help you manage your bookings more efficiently and grow your operations.

Available plans:

  • FREE: Perfect for new users just starting out or testing the waters. Manage up to 100 bookings monthly with basic functionality included.
  • PIXIE: $29 per month (billed anually) for small businesses looking to expand their capabilities. Includes advanced features like smart scheduling and custom fields for up to 500 bookings a month.
  • YETI: $79 per month (billed anually), our most popular plan, suited for growing businesses that need to handle up to 2,500 bookings monthly across multiple locations.
  • TITAN: $299 per month (billed anually) for large enterprises or those needing extensive booking capacity with up to 10,000 bookings monthly.

See all pricing details here

Key features Included in all plans:

  • Customizable booking system: Engage clients with a responsive, mobile-friendly booking page tailored to your brand, quick resource setup, and versatile booking options for all types of schedules.
  • Advanced resource management: Utilize resource-specific calendars and simple booking management tools to keep your operations smooth and synchronized.
  • Enhanced client interaction: Automatic email notifications keep everyone informed, while online event integration and an intuitive shopping cart system streamline the booking experience.
  • Comprehensive administrative control: From overnight booking capabilities to admin-powered scheduling, manage every detail effortlessly. Efficient order and payment tracking ensure your finances are always clear and under control.

Start for free

Create your account here and start with our FREE plan or test out any OskarOS plan with our free trial to see how it fits with your business needs before making a commitment.

Start your service business transformation today

With OskarOS cutting-edge technology meets sleek service management. We’re your partners in optimizing how you manage bookings, interactions, and client relationships, seamlessly blending robust functionality with intuitive design.

OskarOS is perfect for everyone—from freelancers, to vibrant startups making waves in their sectors to established businesses refining operational efficiencies. Whether you're managing a boutique fitness studio, nail salon, barber shop or orchestrating a network of tutoring sessions, OskarOS is tailored to fit your needs and elevate your business.

Ready to elevate your operational game? Start with OskarOS on a free trial basis. Explore the full capabilities of our platform without any upfront investment. Customize your booking processes, streamline your services, and engage with clients more effectively than ever before.

Step into a new era of service management with OskarOS. Experience firsthand how our platform can revolutionize your daily operations, making every interaction more efficient and every decision more informed. Don’t just manage—thrive with OskarOS and join a community of professionals who are leading the way in their industries.

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