OskarOS 0.4 is here! 🧟‍♂️

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OskarOS 0.4 is here! 🧟‍♂️

We're excited to unveil OskarOS 0.4: After three months of tireless work, we're thrilled to present OskarOS 0.4, a truely monstrous update and a game-changer in our platform's evolution. This release is a gigantic leap forward for us, designed to empower your business and delight your clients every day.

Key updates include:

  • Simplified Booking Edits: Effortlessly alter future bookings.
  • Multi-Bookings & Resources: Easily handle multiple bookings and resources.
  • New Cart Feature: Clients can now review and adjust their selections more smoothly.
  • Order Management System: Organize every booking into orders for improved financial management.
  • Enhanced Calendar & Absence Management: Gain a comprehensive overview of bookings and tailor your availability.
  • Address & Online Meeting Options: Integrate specific locations or online links into booking confirmations.
  • Custom Payment Options: Laying the groundwork for our soon-to-come online payment system.

We're buzzing with excitement for you to experience these advancements and look forward to your feedback. Stay tuned as OskarOS keeps evolving!

Please find all details here in our changelog.

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