OskarOS 0.7: Coding on espresso shots for your booking slots!

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OskarOS 0.7

Hello OskarOS fam,

We're absolutely thrilled to share with you all the latest advancements with the release of OskarOS 0.7! It's an exciting time for us, and we're so grateful to have you on this journey.

First off, we're overjoyed to welcome an additional full-stack developer to our team. This expansion means we can accelerate our developments and bring new features to you even faster. We're eager to introduce him properly soon, so stay tuned!

In this release, we've introduced several enhancements aimed at making your experience with OskarOS even more seamless and intuitive:

  • Custom fields: You now have the flexibility to create custom forms during the checkout process. This means you can gather all the necessary information from your customers without a hitch. Find this new feature in the "Custom Fields" section under the settings wheel or by navigating to Profile & Settings.
  • Improved navigation & design: Navigating through OskarOS has never been easier, thanks to our improved sub-navigation in resources, booking options, and settings menus, now featuring a handy sidebar. We've also spruced up the navigation and menu bar across both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Resource templates & image upload enhancements: We've added more resource templates to support a wider range of use cases. Additionally, uploading images for profile pictures, logos, resources, and booking page backgrounds is now a breeze with our new cropping function and automatic resizing feature.
  • Customer profiles & direct booking links: Each customer profile now features initials with a randomly assigned color for easy differentiation. Plus, you can now easily find direct booking links and download QR codes for your resources in their respective settings.

But that's not all. We're currently working on several exciting developments, including revamping our registration and onboarding process, creating a dedicated sectional/function for events and courses, making our booking logic even more flexible, and laying the groundwork for major updates like our payment system and the integration of the booking page by HTML/iFrame for websites.

Thank you for being such an integral part of our community. Your continued support inspires us every day, and we can't wait to see where we can go together.

As always, your thoughts and feedback mean the world to us. If you have any ideas, questions, or just want to chat about how we can make OskarOS even better for you, don't hesitate to reach out here.

Tim on behalf of the entire OskarOS Crew

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