OskarOS 0.8 is here! 🎉

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OskarOS 0.8 is here

Dear OskarOS fam,

We're thrilled to share with you the latest update to your OskarOS experience—Version 0.8. It’s a big step forward, and we’ve packed this update with features we hope will make your day-to-day booking management smoother and more intuitive.

Complete booking engine overhaul

First up, we’ve completely overhauled our booking engine—the heart of OskarOS. This is the biggest rework since our inception, aimed at bringing you greater stability and flexibility. Now, you can manage bookings not just by days but by weeks, months, or even years, all designed to suit your long-term planning needs better. Additionally, we've simplified how you handle overnight bookings by integrating nights as a standard time unit, which means we've removed the "Activate overnight booking" switch to streamline your setup.

Calendar improvements for better resource management

We've also refreshed our calendar to give you a consolidated view of all your resources at a glance. Alongside the familiar day view, you now have week, month, and a handy list view to help you stay organized.

New global search functionality

Finding what you need is now easier than ever with our new 'global' search functionality. Just look for the magnifier icon in the header or on your dashboard to start searching across the platform for customers, bookings and orders.

Simplifying setup with resource settings

We've made some tweaks to enhance clarity and ease of use too. Booking options have moved under the settings of each resource to help new users understand their configurations and connection to resources better. And speaking of ease, creating resources has never been simpler with our new single-screen setup, which has allowed us to retire the old resources wizard.

Upcoming features and event management enhancements

Looking ahead, we’re excited about the additions coming to your booking options—extras that your customers can soon book directly on the booking page. We’re also streamlining event, course, and class management by moving these options into a dedicated 'events' menu, paving the way for a more focused and effective management experience.

Enhanced flexibility with resource-specific booking periods

Lastly, we understand the importance of adaptability, which is why we've moved the 'limit booking period' functionality directly into resource settings. This will be particularly handy for managing seasonal offerings like outdoor tennis courts.

A thank you to our community

We're here to support you every step of the way and are eager to hear how these changes help you manage more effectively. As always, we welcome your feedback and are committed to making OskarOS the most user-friendly booking software out there.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Let’s make great things happen together!

Warm regards,
The OskarOS team

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