Set up OskarOS as vacation rental software

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OskarOS is a versatile platform that can be tailored to serve as your vacation rental software. In this setup guide, we'll guide you through the steps to set up OskarOS, ensuring your vacation rental business thrives with enhanced efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Step 1: Setting up your OskarOS account

To begin, visit the OskarOS website and sign up for an account. This process is straightforward and user-friendly. Once registered, you gain access to a dashboard that is your command center for managing your vacation rentals.

Set up OskarOS as vacation rental software

Step 2: Listing your properties

The next step is to list your properties or rooms by adding them as 'resources'. You can find our resource wizard on your dashboard by clicking 'Get started'.

Set up OskarOS as vacation rental software

Select the ideal resource that aligns with your requirements and attach a suitable booking option to it. Once selected, proceed to your resources section in OskarOS to personalize each listing. Here, you can enrich your property profiles with comprehensive descriptions, a captivating title photo, and a list of available amenities.

Step 3: Setting up the booking/reservation options

Next head to your booking options and customize them. Here, please make sure that the time unit is set to Day(s) and that you enable flexible booking.

Set up OskarOS as vacation rental software

Also, please activate overnight mode under Advanced settings:

Set up OskarOS as vacation rental software

In the booking options you can also set up a price per night and VAT rates under Advanced pricing options.

Step 5: Customized payment option and currency settings

We will be integrating an online payment provider shortly. Until then, please use the fields to describe your preferred payment under Settings > Payment options. Here you can also set the suitable currency.

Set up OskarOS as vacation rental software

Step 4: Setting up your booking page

Last but not least head over to Settings > Booking page setup and customize your booking page.

You are now all set to accept your first bookings!

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