Booking software for small hotel businesses

Turn the key to effortless guest management with OskarOS.

Turn the key to effortless guest management with OskarOS.Jayden 29, Boutique hotel receptionist

Booking software for small hotel businesses doesn't just keep the lights on—it ignites a brighter path for guest interaction and operational efficiency. OskarOS propels your boutique hotel to new heights by making each booking a breeze and every guest stay memorable. Embrace the tool that keeps you several steps ahead of the competition.

Discover why you should consider OskarOS

Maximize your boutique appeal with our booking software

Small hotel businesses face unique challenges: fluctuating occupancy rates, guest personalization, and operational efficiency. Booking software for small hotel businesses addresses these head-on.f

Simple setup

Get your booking system up and running in no time with OskarOS. Our intuitive system ensures you can start enhancing your guest experience without any technical hassles.

Personalized guest experience

Craft tailored welcomes that turn first-time visitors into regulars.

Revenue optimization

Dynamic pricing tools ensure you get the most out of every room, every night.

Efficient room management

Avoid overbooking and underbooking with real-time availability updates.

Mobile management

Run your hotel from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

24/7 booking

Allow guests to book their stay at their convenience, boosting your occupancy rates.

Integrated hotel management

Simplify operations with OskarOS

OskarOS consolidates your booking, billing, and guest management into one easy-to-use platform. Experience a solution designed specifically for the needs of small hotel businesses, enhancing your operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Powerful features at your fingertips

Explore the full suite of OskarOS features

OskarOS is packed with features designed to elevate small hotel operations. From intuitive booking calendars to advanced analytics, every tool serves a purpose.

Responsive booking page

Give your clients a seamless booking experience with a mobile-friendly and tailored booking page.

Quick resource setup

Quickly add and configure your resources making them bookable.

Simple booking management

Effortlessly track all your bookings to manage capacity and stay organized.

Admin-powered bookings

Effortlessly schedule appointments on behalf of your clients with our user-friendly admin booking feature.

Group bookings

Schedule group sessions, allowing clients to book for themselves or their whole group with ease.

Overnight booking mode

Tailor your booking system for accommodation resources with specialized pricing and display features.

Online payment - Coming soon

Get ready for the convenience of online payments, enhancing the booking experience for your clients.

Create your booking hub

Set up your custom booking page in just 2 minutes.

Empower your hotel business with OskarOS’s easy setup. Convert website visitors into booked guests instantly with our streamlined booking page integration.

Booking system for small hotel businesses


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  • Up to 3 resources
  • Up to 100 bookings per month
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  • Unlimited resources
  • Up to 1000 bookings per month
  • Advanced booking settings

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Looking for a free booking software for small hotel businesses?

Start with OskarOS and unlock the full potential of our booking software for small hotel businesses. Manage your bookings, enhance guest satisfaction, and optimize your operational strategies—all at no initial cost. Utilize our platform for up to three resources for free and watch as your hotel business flourishes. Don't wait, transform your hotel management today!