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Train hard, book easy!

Pump up your bookings with our personal training app

Running a personal training business requires efficient management of operations and maximizing bookings. With OskarOS, you can achieve both and grow your business seamlessly. Our booking app for personal training helps you streamline your scheduling, manage your resources, and deliver excellent customer experience.

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Train hard, book easy!
Booking app for personal training
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Everything under the hood to get you booked

We are building OskarOS on three principles: simplicity, flexibility and performance. Our goal is simple yet profound: to equip you with the advanced tools you need to do what you do best, which is to create remarkle services and experiences for your clients. Missing a feature? Contact us.

Resource setup wizard

Resource setup wizard

Quickly configure your resources with over 200 templates, making setup easy and efficient.

Versatile booking options

Versatile booking options

Offer a variety of booking durations with our customizable system for both fixed and flexible scheduling.

Resource-specific calendars

Resource-specific calendars

Assign unique calendars and availability schedules for each resource, maximizing management efficiency.

Take the hassle out of scheduling with OskarOS personal training software

OskarOS booking management platform provides an all-in-one solution for managing all aspects of your personal training business. You can manage your customers, staff, resources, bookings, and payments all in one place. Our platform is user-friendly and can be used by both internal users and external customers. You can use it as a standalone solution or integrate it with other systems. The analytics feature provides valuable insights into customer behavior, which helps you make informed decisions and improve your business.

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Choose from 200+ resource templates

We have simplified our resource creation process so you can get set up in minutes. Simply choose one from our more than 200 resource templates and customize it to your needs.

Create your first resource in 3 simple steps now.
2 hour
Yoga course
Yoga course
Free for members
Single room
Single room
Spanish course
Spanish course
$140 / 10 lessons
Vacation rental
Vacation rental
Maximize your time and profits

Spend less time booking and more time training with OskarOS personal training software

For personal trainers who want to maximize their business, OskarOS is the answer. You can save time, lessen the amount of administrative work you have to do, and improve accuracy and efficiency using our automated booking and scheduling system.

Free up time by automating booking and scheduling processes

You can save time and lessen your administrative workload by automating your booking and scheduling activities, which will free up more of your time for teaching and creating.

Enhance customer communication through personalized booking updates

A scheduling tool can assist to enhance customer communication and boost satisfaction by providing personalized confirmation and reminder emails as well as real-time availability updates.

Reduce no-shows and cancellations through booking reminders

With customizable reminder emails and payment processing integration, a reservation tool can help reduce the rate of no-shows and cancellations.

Get real time updates on availability of staff and resources

You may efficiently manage and monitor the availability of resources like rooms, tools, or vehicles by using an online booking program.

Track interactions on your booking page and gain important insights

You may simply track and examine reservation data with the use of a reservation tool in order to make organizational decisions.

Optimize resource management for maximum efficiency

With an online scheduling system, your citizens can book appointments for services around the clock and are no longer dependent on your opening hours.

Frequently asked questions

Whom is OskarOS built for?
OskarOS is designed for any service-based business that requires scheduling appointments or managing resources, such as consulting firms, rental companies, government agencies, medical practices, coaches, beauty salons, spas, and gyms. And many, many more.
Can I sell services from my booking page?
Yes, you can sell services from your booking page. You can choose from pricing options when adding a new service or modifying an existing one.
Do I need a website in order to use OskarOS?
No, having a website is not a requirement to use OskarOS. You have the flexibility to share your booking link wherever you prefer, such as on your social media platforms. Additionally, you can seamlessly embed the booking page directly onto your website if you have one.
How many resources/services can I manage on my booking page?
You can manage as many resources and services as you need. If you have a lot of them, it might be helpful to organize them into categories to keep things organized and easy to find.
How much is OskarOS and how do I get started?
With OskarOS, you can use it for free if you have up to 3 resources and 3 services. If you need more, there's a monthly fee per resource, and you can find the pricing details on our pricing page. To begin, just sign up and claim your own booking URL. We'll guide you through setting up your profile.

Booking App for Personal Training by OskarOS

What is a Booking App for Personal Training and What Does It Do?

A booking app for personal training, also referred to as a personal training booking system, is a powerful tool designed to streamline the management of appointments and bookings for both personal trainers and fitness studios. This innovative solution simplifies the booking process for customers, optimizes the utilization of time for trainers, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

With the OskarOS booking app, personal trainers can seamlessly create a personalized booking page, tailor their services, define availability, and seamlessly accept payments.

Advantages of a Booking App for Personal Training

The advantages of integrating a booking app for personal training into your operations are far-reaching and transformative:

  • Streamlined booking process for both customers and trainers.
  • Reduced administrative workload for trainers, freeing up valuable time.
  • Increased bookings and revenue generation.
  • Enhanced customer experience and elevated satisfaction levels.
  • Efficient management of resources and scheduling.
  • Access to invaluable analytics insights into customer behavior.

Free Booking App for Personal Training with OskarOS

Absolutely! OskarOS presents a free pricing structure specifically designed for personal trainers, encompassing a certain monthly quota of bookings. For those seeking expanded capacity and access to advanced features, a seamless upgrade option is readily available.

Optimal Timing to Implement a Booking App for Personal Training

The strategic implementation of a booking app for personal training is a pivotal step in refining your scheduling processes, optimizing your business operations, and boosting booking numbers. This app streamlines scheduling, diminishes administrative burdens, and significantly elevates the customer experience. Furthermore, it furnishes crucial insights into customer behavior, facilitating service enhancements and business growth.