Start using OskarOS as an app on your desktop, tablet, and mobile!

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Hey there, friends of OskarOS!

Our developers have worked their magic 🧙‍♂️ to transform OskarOS into a Progressive Web App (PWA), bringing ease and speed to your digital life! Whether you're using a desktop or mobile, OskarOS is now just a few taps or clicks away.

What's a Progressive Web App? 🤔

It's an app built with web technologies that works across various platforms and devices. Whether you're on your phone or laptop, OskarOS has got you covered.

So accessing OskarOS just got a whole lot easier. You can now add it to your desktop or phone with just a few taps or clicks. And get this - it loads super-fast! ⚡️ Plus, it works offline (yay for no Wi-Fi zones! 🎉). Neat, right?

How to setup OskarOS as a PWA

Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to OskarOS: Just click on the link and you're halfway there!
  • Desktop (Chrome): Look for 'Install' in the address field. Click it, and you're golden! 🌟
  • Mobile (Chrome & Safari): Tap the sharing button located also in the address field and find 'Add to Home Screen'. Tap, and voilà!
  • Other Browsers? No sweat! Just Google "how to install PWAs with [your browser's name]" and follow the easy-peasy instructions. 📚

And that's it! Ahh, and of course, you need an OskarOS account which you can create here for free if you haven't got one already.

Can my users/clients use the booking page as app too?

You got it! Your clients and users will shortly also be able to use your booking pages in the same convenient way! 🌟 The installation process will be just as straightforward, done right on the URL of your booking page. We're putting the final touches on this feature and will keep you posted when it's ready to roll out.

Happy exploring, friends! 🚀👋 And if you got any feedback for us we are always curious to listen to yur ideas. Contact us here.

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