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Elevate your fitness game with gym booking software designed to transform your gym management. OskarOS isn't just another booking system; it's your secret weapon for optimizing schedules, enhancing member experiences, and skyrocketing your gym’s efficiency. Focus on training and client satisfaction while we handle the rest.

Unlock the power of streamlined gym management

Strategic advantages of gym booking software

Running a gym comes with its unique set of challenges. With gym booking software, you can overcome these hurdles effortlessly, ensuring a seamless experience for both your staff and members.

Quick setup

Get your gym booking system up and running in just 2 minutes, no tech skills required.


Tailor the system to match your gym's unique needs and branding.


Enjoy an intuitive interface that's easy for both staff and members to navigate.

Fast fechnology

Experience lightning-fast load times, keeping your operations smooth.

Professional image

Present a polished, professional front to your members.


Save time and money with automated scheduling and management routines.

Your all-in-one gym management solution

How OskarOS transforms gym operations

OskarOS seamlessly integrates various aspects of gym management into a single, efficient platform. From scheduling and member management to marketing and data analysis, our gym booking software simplifies your operations, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional fitness experiences.

Explore the comprehensive features

All the tools you need in one place

OskarOS offers a robust set of features designed to meet all your gym management needs. With our gym booking software, you get a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline operations and enhance member satisfaction.

Group bookings

Schedule group sessions, allowing clients to book for themselves or their whole group with ease.

Quick resource setup

Quickly add and configure your resources making them bookable.

Resource-specific calendars

Assign unique calendars and availability schedules for each resource.

Online payment - Coming soon

Get ready for the convenience of online payments, enhancing the booking experience for your clients.

Appointment reminders

Cut no-shows with automated appointment reminders.

Admin-powered bookings

Effortlessly schedule appointments on behalf of your clients with our user-friendly admin booking feature.

Advance booking settings

Determine how far in advance clients can schedule, perfect for managing long-term planning and availability.

Ready to streamline your bookings?

Set up your custom booking page in just 2 minutes

Start converting visitors into clients with ease. With OskarOS, setting up a custom booking page is quick and straightforward. Integrate it directly into your website using a simple script and watch your bookings soar.

Gym booking system


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  • Up to 3 resources
  • Up to 100 bookings per month
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$7.50/month and resource

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  • All functions from FREE
  • Unlimited resources
  • Up to 1000 bookings per month
  • Advanced booking settings

Frequently asked questions

Looking for a free gym booking software?

Start with OskarOS and experience the game-changing benefits of our gym booking software. Manage up to three resources at no cost and see how our platform can revolutionize your gym’s operations. Enhance your member experience, streamline scheduling, and focus on growing your fitness community. Don't miss out – elevate your gym management today with OskarOS, completely free for up to three resources.