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Step up your office game with OskarOS! Our desk booking system is more than just software—it’s your strategic partner in maximizing office space and boosting team productivity. Make every square foot count and give your team the freedom to choose where they work best.

Reimagine your workspace

Maximize efficiency with a desk booking system

Struggling with unused space or overcrowded desks? Our desk booking system puts you in control, ensuring you use every inch of your office effectively.

Space optimization

Automatically optimize desk usage to fit team needs.


Offer employees the freedom to choose where they work.

Simplified management

Manage bookings with a few clicks.

Enhanced productivity

Foster a more dynamic and responsive work environment.

User-friendly interface

Easy-to-navigate dashboard for all users.


Tailor the system to meet your specific office needs.

Discover an all-in-one booking solution

Effortless desk management awaits

With OskarOS, experience a unified approach to managing office space. Our desk booking system consolidates all aspects of workspace allocation into one smooth platform, empowering your team to work more efficiently.

Packed with must-have features

Everything you need for smooth operations

Check out the robust features of OskarOS that make desk booking a breeze. From real-time availability checks to administrative controls, we’ve got you covered.

Responsive booking page

Give your clients a seamless booking experience with a mobile-friendly and tailored booking page.

Quick resource setup

Quickly add and configure your resources making them bookable.

Simple booking management

Effortlessly track all your bookings to manage capacity and stay organized.

Admin-powered bookings

Effortlessly schedule appointments on behalf of your clients with our user-friendly admin booking feature.

Versatile booking options

Offer a variety of booking options for both fixed and flexible scheduling.

Custom booking intervals

Tailor your booking schedule by setting specific lead times and buffer periods between appointments.

Streamline your office layout

Implement your custom desk booking page quickly

Launch your customized desk booking page with OskarOS and start transforming your workspace today. Quick setup, powerful tools, and intuitive design make it easy to manage and adapt to your evolving office needs.

Desk booking software


User-friendly software,
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  • Up to 3 resources
  • Up to 100 bookings per month
  • Customizable booking page
  • Basic booking settings
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$7.50/month and resource

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  • All functions from FREE
  • Unlimited resources
  • Up to 1000 bookings per month
  • Advanced booking settings

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Looking for a free desk booking system?

Dive into the world of hassle-free desk management with free desk booking system from OskarOS. Manage your office space more efficiently and give your team the freedom to choose where they work best. Our platform is easy to use, integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, and supports real-time booking adjustments. Don't wait—transform your office management today and take advantage of managing up to three resources absolutely free!